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Hiking the White Mountain Trails of New Hampshire

Late spring through early fall, the White Mountains beckon hikers from the world over.  Pristine forest trails lead to breathtaking mountain ridges or deep woods waterfalls.  Each season creates its own hiking experience for the brand new enthusiasts or seasoned experts.  You can’t get much closer to the trails than the Wayside Inn — practically at the foot of the Garfield Ridge and its trailheads, and about as close as you can stay with an actual roof over your head near Mt Lafayette and the Franconias.

Our guests at The Wayside Inn start the day with a fulfilling breakfast, then pack lunch and supplies—and they are off!  The selection of hiking trails is ideal for each level of  hiker, including young families or  experienced seniors.  World-class hikers come to the White Mountains, with reaching Mount Washington as the anticipated reward. features detailed trail information on The Top 25 Hikes in the White Mountains . Advance preparation is a must, with any and all possible changes during the hiking day considered.  Bringing the family hiker-dog?  Less rugged trails are perfect, with waterfalls and gorgeous brooks, deep foliage and wildlife.  Still some questions? Ask the chef — innkeeper, Victor Hofmann, veteran hiker of the Swiss Alps and these White Mountains.